I made an impulse buy of a $30 Elvis suit 3 weeks before leaving Australia in Jan 2008 to travel for a year.
It's crap....and now it's coming with me.
I don't sound like Elvis, look like Elvis, or sing like Elvis.
I am Crap Elvis.


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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

All Crapped Out!

Back in Sydney (then Perth tmrw) after another insane Parkes Elvis Festival. Think I managed 13 Crap Elvis shows in 3 days ranging from audiences of 10 to 400 on the street, various stage venues, and the Elvis Express train. That's one wig u don't want to get near to at the mo! Also sold out the new CD (A Piece Of Crap). Thanks to all the locals and visitors who voted for me and put me back on the main stage as a top 3 finalist. Incredibly surreal to have the worst up there with the best!
If you were there and have any photos or video of any shows, I'd love to post some up so feel free to email me them at crapelvis@gmail.com
Thanks crazy people!
Crap Elvis

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