I made an impulse buy of a $30 Elvis suit 3 weeks before leaving Australia in Jan 2008 to travel for a year.
It's crap....and now it's coming with me.
I don't sound like Elvis, look like Elvis, or sing like Elvis.
I am Crap Elvis.


World trip montage - Crap Elvis in 25 countries

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Feeling husky: Crap Elvis in Siberia

Chilly here innit?! -9C when we set off for Lake Baikal - an hour away from Irkutsk.

Dogsledding near Lake Baikal, Siberia. The snow just thin enough to make it reallllllly hurt when you're thrown from the back of the homemade sled.


After a hard day's falling off a dog sled, there was chance to relax in a Russian banya. Basically the hottest, dryest, sauna-est room you've been in, followed by a thorough thrashing about the body with a bunch of birch branches and leaves, and then a stupidly cold shower. Repeat til you faint.

Lake Baikal - world's deepest lake. Too cold to put your hand in, so I'll take someone else's word on it.

So I'm guessing the high priced ticket for the big game that night was a scam.

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