I made an impulse buy of a $30 Elvis suit 3 weeks before leaving Australia in Jan 2008 to travel for a year.
It's crap....and now it's coming with me.
I don't sound like Elvis, look like Elvis, or sing like Elvis.
I am Crap Elvis.


World trip montage - Crap Elvis in 25 countries

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Nobody was Kung Fu fighting: Crap Elvis in Hong Kong

OK, just squeezing some free net access in at HK airport so it's another slap and dash photo post.
Just about to head to Bali for a month of surfing, writing, and maybe even a little rehearsing for the Parkes Elvis Festival (Australia) performance. Maybe even update the wordy bits on the blog......or maybe not.....this body isn't going to massage itself!

World's Biggest Outdoor Sitting Buddha (the guy at the top, not the bottom, of the photo)

I know...you've seen one rubbish Elvis-suit wearer poledancing in a cable car, you've seen 'em all.

Blending in like a local.

The regulars on the train to "The Peak" were obviously used to how steep it is.

At "The Peak." Like most tourist lookouts, you have to pay for the telescope. I have since found that by simply standing a lot closer to the thing you are trying to view, you get the same effect.

Hong Kong icon. And the Star ferry.

This is when I realised our hotel wasn't the classiest.

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