I made an impulse buy of a $30 Elvis suit 3 weeks before leaving Australia in Jan 2008 to travel for a year.
It's crap....and now it's coming with me.
I don't sound like Elvis, look like Elvis, or sing like Elvis.
I am Crap Elvis.


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Monday, January 14, 2008

More Crap Elvis vids and pics from Sydney and Parkes Elvis Festival

Bit of Crappiness around Sydney today in the rain, but again met some great people.
On that subject, if anyone knows "Melissa and Greg" from Parkes who gave me the $30 to cover the cost of the suit after the mainstage performance, get them to contact me (crapelvis@gmail.com) as I'd like to give them my prize for Worst Elvis on the train which I can't use (2 first class rail tickets anywhere on the countrylink rail network - sounds lovely!).

Anyway, have cut up some more video. These first 2 are the songs I did on the mainstage for the Elvis soundalike comp in Parkes. I thought that all the Elvis' would get to do a couple of lines of the same song each - so imagine my glee (there was a lot of it) when I was asked at registration what TWO SONGS I would like the band to back me with! What! Are they mental?!!!! Anyway, they had Teddy Bear, but not Trouble (which I'd also penned an alternative version), so I opted for a hastily re-written version of Burnin' Love. Of course, I didn't tell the organisers or the band I would be using different words, so when I took to the stage (as first perfomer) in front of a couple of thousand people expecting to see Australia's best Elvis impersonators, I think they were surprised. A few mic problems on the second song, but just know that I'm happy I got to instruct all those people to "wave their toast in the air". Yes...it's a milestone.

Also here's some stuff from the Elvis Express that took us from Sydney to the festival.

Also thanks to Lindsay for sending in this pic of us and her travelling bear from the Parkes Hotel karaoke. I'll keep trying to post up any others that people send in. (crapelvis@gmail.com).

And today's media round-up: great chat with Rod and The Flack on 96fm's Breakfast Show in Perth (www.96fm.com.au) this morning, and a nice chat to Jess Perriam from the ABC for their brekky show is up with audio online and a good story at http://www.abc.net.au/centralwest/stories/s2138097.htm (text from the article below):

Crap Elvis: "Hunka hunka burning toast"
The Elvis Express passenger who received the most media attention across the festival was Matt Hale, a Perth radio producer who labelled himself Crap Elvis. And he was just that.

The story of Crap Elvis began with impluse buy of a cheap Elvis suit for a fancy dress party. It would have been all well and good to have bought the suit, except Mr Hale had nowhere to store the suit; he was going on a year-long backpacking adventure in three weeks' time.

Much to the dispair of his girlfriend Kathryn Preston, he decided the trip just wouldn't be complete without an Elvis suit to spice it up a little. Mr Hale pushed some of Ms Preston's toiletries aside to fit the Elvis suit in - after all, who needs perfume when you're backpacking?

The couple were meant to be en route to South America while the festival was on, but they delayed their journey just to squeeze in the chance to be the worst Elvis at the festival.

"I don't sound like Elvis, I don't look like Elvis and I can't sing like Elvis so I've pretty much nailed every aspect there. I just think I'm a man with a bad Elvis suit so people should just have very low expectation because I feel I can acheive those expectations."

Mr Hale has achieved those expectations in a stunning trifecta - The worst dressed on the Elvis Express, the worst Elvis lookalike and the worst Elvis soundalike. During the soundalike competition he put a new spin on some old Elvis classics, performing Won't You be my Terrorist and Hunka Hunka Burning Toast.

Mr Hale is confident that although the Elvis suit is very flimsy indeed, Crap Elvis will be dancing at Carnivale in Brazil, running away from bulls in Pamplona, and enjoying a cappucino in Rome.

Jess Perriam talks to Matt Hale as Crap Elvis
Matt Hale's come all the way from Perth to Parkes to be the worst Elvis ever. Find out why. | Jess Perriam
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Ouch...now my typing fingers hurt. Off for a meal, beer, bed, then on a plane to Easter Island for the first stop of our South American leg.

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Hello elvis I don't know if you remembered me, I am Marta The guide fom Boca juniors Stadium, I hope to watch the photos soon. It was nice to meet you. Aguante Elvis!!!!